What we believe




SISA was created 11 years ago by a small, multidisciplinary team of women, with the premise of designing garments that can be worn and rediscovered year after year. Avoiding temporary trends, we make pieces that build on each woman’s personal story over time. We understand that luxury resides in what remains over time; what can be inherited, what allows to be cared for.


Local manufacturing is our driving force

Our collections are developed in Chile and Peru, allowing us to maintain close relationships with the people we work with, from suppliers and workshops to photographers and producers.

We work side by side with local artisans and artists to generate new junctions between craftsmanship and design, exploring processes that highlight their crafts, and combining different disciplines to create specific, unique, responsibly-made pieces.



This search has led us to introduce a range of artisanal collaborations: handmade leather and horn buckle belts, quilts, handmade stone buttons, itajime shibori hand-dyed pieces, as well as one-of-a-kind handmade straw hats in partnership with Trenzados de Cutemu, a Chilean collective of women artisans. 


The construction of our garments is dedicated and handcrafted: they are made one at a time. We prioritize using primarily certified materials of natural origins, that preserve their practical qualities and subtly manifest the passage of time. Everything that surrounds our pieces, including our reusable packaging and recyclable labels, is made in Chile.

We have been able to grow consciously, away from the conventions of an industry that often remains immutable in the face of overstock and waste generation. 

To develop a sustainability strategy and define concrete future actions to minimize negative social and environmental impact, we  evaluated our social and environmental footprint through the B Impact Assessment protocol in 2019. 



We aim to share SISA with a creative and experimental outlook

From our first collection, we have learned the value of showcasing our work in the most authentic and resourceful way possible, through campaigns that present a creative and experimental viewpoint stemming from our respective academic backgrounds: art, architecture, and design. 



We have had the opportunity to design clothing for diverse artistic expressions, such as opera and contemporary dance, thereby expanding our creative exchange. We have also produced campaigns combining performance, heritage architecture, and photography.



In 2018 we launched #SISAmadebyme, an initiative in which we shared the sewing pattern of one of our pieces under a Creative Commons license. And in 2020, an ongoing project to donate 100% of profits of our scrunchies, made with scrap fabrics, to Fundación Sentido


We are proud to be content-driven: we share recommendations to take measurements, as well as garment care guides to extend the life of your pieces. For our community, we also publish a monthly cultural newsletter and an ongoing Perfiles SISA interview series, highlighting talented women who reflect their identity through their work and practice.  


We care about what you think

An integral part of our process is the relationship we cultivate with our customers. We know they are mostly women who favor conscious purchases and adhere to the values of slow fashion.

We aim to constantly rethink our design approach as it relates to Chile and Latin America, and we value your opinion. Tell us about your experience or write to us atcontacto@shopsisa.com.




SISA is based in Santiago, Chile, with a flagship store in the Vitacura area. The brand was founded in 2012 by Alejandra Cruz, Elisa Rodríguez, and Trinidad Rodríguez.