Make your own SISA piece – #SISAmadebyme

Download the sewing pattern of our Top Corto for free. A shareable DIY campaign to sew at home.


In November 2018, for SISA's sixth anniversary, we launched a campaign called #SISAmadebyme, in which we shared the pattern of the Top Corto, one of our quintessential pieces, for anyone who wanted to make it themselves.

Through this campaign we wanted to open a conversation about intellectual property, open-sourcing, handmade products, local consumption, collaboration between designers, and the value of the time that’s invested in designing and making a garment.

For those who want to venture into the world of sewing, the pattern is still available to download for free here.

Take a look at the community we've built around this project, here and here.

If you venture into making your own Top Corto, share it on social through the hashtag #SISAmadebyme and tag us @shopsisa.